Romin was born in the eighties in the fresh french alps.
Graduated from intuit/lab in 2003, a graphic design school. After 2 years looking for extreme geometrical compositions around real-made fonts and fine drawn typography, he quickly moved towards fashion and art direction.
A nice confluence brought him to meet Diesel and shape some images with highly sophisticated standards. He could finally mix-up typography and real photographs, deconstructed images, working constantly on new concepts and travelling the world for more than 3 years.
Through his art direction experiences, he worked mainly for luxury, fashion, perfumes and music. So following the composition and decomposition of images for those years he decided to take a step further and shoot his own photographs, bridging the gap between texture and emptiness, contrast and purity.
He tries to keep it fresh and colourful, and spend time on composing sets more than comping layers.
Video is on its way and he’s looking forward to finally bringing real life into his shots.